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Sunset from the Airplane Window

Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying

Looking forward to flying off to a holiday destination for some can be an exciting time, but for many it can cause overwhelming stress and anxiety.


The thought of navigating through the busy, crowded airport, taking a seat inside the aeroplane, the build up to taking off and landing or perhaps the whole flying experience can cause uncomfortable, negative feelings that become difficult to take control of.


There are also those who feel the stress of planning and preparing for their holiday far too difficult to deal with.


Hypnotherapy can be an extremely beneficial way to help overcome negative feelings and emotions that are connected to a fear of flying.  At the free initial consultation information is gathered to prepare the sessions to focus on the specific areas that cause extreme anxiety in these situations.


With the use of positive suggestions and by learning a few self-help techniques for you to practice before and during the flight, you will feel much more in control of these negative feelings and this will allow you to have a much more relaxed and pleasant journey.

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