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Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis is widely and successfully used to help people to give up smoking.  The 'habit', created often by many years of smoking, is deeply rooted in the smokers mind.  Hypnotherapy is a safe relaxed way to access this 'habit'.

Most people smoke because of a perceived benefit. Smokers often tell me that smoking helps them to relax, it gives them a boost, it relieves anxiety and gives them a reward, to mention just a few. These are real benefits, but these benefits are far outweighed by the negative effects, such as health problems, including cancer and heart disease. It is also becoming far more socially unacceptable, with real fears now linking 'passive' smoke to health problems, especially concerning children.

What can I do?

A single session approach is used to add positive suggestions to the subconscious mind. The benefits of smoking are replaced by providing willpower, relaxation, confidence and increased self-esteem.

By using positive suggestion there is less chance of the smoking 'habit' being replaced with a substitute such as eating or drinking more.  The non-smoker is likely to remain a non-smoker.


How do I book a Stop Smoking session?

The first step is to call me on 07976 275378 to book your Smoking Cessation Session.

During the call I will gather some basic information about your smoking habits and begin to make a start on preparing your session. When you attend the clinic for your appointment I will ask for further information to complete your unique Smoking Cessation Session.

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