Fears and Phobias

There are many types of fears and phobias, from the fear of spiders (Arachnophobia), the fear of open spaces (Agoraphobia), to perhaps, the fear of flying (Aerophobia). Some phobias are often caused by a particular traumatic event taking place that has left a person with a fear of a similar event taking place again.


Other fears and phobias are often a symptom of a cause (an event) that could have taken place at an earlier time in that person's life. This may be unrelated to the original event but is now affecting that person by using this fear as the vehicle to relieve anxiety. In other words the person is directing their unknown fear or anxiety onto something they can see as 'real'. By finding the original cause of the fear or phobia and releasing that cause, you will immediately be released from this 'real' fear.  Depending on the original cause there are two types of therapy that could be used to help relieve you of this fear or phobia. An Initial Consultation would be useful to decide which therapy would be more beneficial.

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