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Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a very common symptom and certainly one of the most common problems I help clients to overcome.

Those suffering social anxiety often have great difficulty enjoying social situations, being part of a group or may even feel awkward in one to one relationships.

Attending meetings, interviews or any situation where people are put on the spot often creates high levels of anxiety. Even everyday situations involving friends or work colleagues can make the person feel uncomfortable and on the spot, perhaps also creating concerns about how others see them. Quite often they will avoid some or all of these situations as a way of controlling t
he anxiety, but this often creates an additional set of worries and tends to isolate the person even further, preventing them from progressing in their career or even enjoying personal relationships.

Some of the symptoms associated with social anxiety are:

Lack of confidence

Negative self esteem

Fear of being judged


Sensitivity to criticism

Fear of rejection

Fear of crowded spaces


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