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Lack of confidence

Lack of Confidence

Lack of confidence affects all of us at some time in our lives. It can seem strange that you can feel very confident performing certain tasks, but very unsure about others. Clients sometimes tell us they have a general feeling of lack in confidence. You may also seem confident to the outside world, but inside the feelings are quite different.

This may prevent you from achieving your goals in life, perhaps involving work or career prospects or even your own personal life may be affected, preventing you from forming relationships with friends or partners. This in turn can create low self esteem, perhaps even leading to anxiety, stress or depression. Often you may feel judged or even watched by others, which again causes you to avoid certain situations, or may even enable a feeling of embarrassment.

So what causes lack of confidence or low self esteem?

It could be something that has 'knocked' your confidence, perhaps a divorce, losing your job, coming last in a sporting event, or maybe you just have that feeling with you all the time and can find no logical reason for its existence. Clients often tell me they have always felt that way, for others it may have only just started.

Hypnotherapy can work in many different ways to help you feel more confident and to raise your feelings or self esteem.

At your free initial consultation I would gather information about how you feel, whether you feel it has a direct cause, or perhaps is a more general feeling, I would then discuss the options available that would help you to become more confident and have higher self-esteem, with the aim to create a positive long lasting feeling.


You can be the person you want to be.

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