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Smart Snacking

Slimming Therapy

Slimming Therapy

My slimming therapy programme uses a combination of techniques specifically designed to suit your individual need.  With the information gathered from the Initial Consultation a unique weight loss programme can be provided within the sessions to enable you to achieve the results expected.

By replacing those bad habits of snacking and eating at the wrong times, with focusing on the way you look and feel, giving you more confidence to reach your target weight and to have pride and pleasure in achieving this target, you can to feel absolutely fabulous about yourself and enjoy your slimming programme.


Long Term Solutions


As you begin to experience positive results you will feel more contented in yourself and the therapy becomes more effective.  Clients often say they enjoy the feeling of being connected with the process and also feel more in control. This creates a long term solution for weight control. 

Where can I find more information?
First step is to come along and have a chat.  A free, no obligation, consultation where you can discuss, in confidence, all the things you would like to change and how I can help you to make those changes happen.

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