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Sports Enhancement

Sports Enhancement

We often see the wonderful achievements during many major sporting events from our sports men and women and it is no surprise to hear that most of the really successful athletes use a range of visualisation and motivation techniques to help them achieve their success.

We may not all be experienced athletes, but most of us have our own goals to aim for, we want to win, to enjoy the excitement of the competition, to be the very best we can.

It's all in the mind

We are all different people and consciously and sub-consciously affected by the environment around us and the personality of a sports person certainly plays a large part in these thought processes.

The way an athlete thinks certainly has an effect on the way they perform and being aware of an athlete's personality helps to provide an invaluable resource of information that will help them gain that competitive edge.

With this in mind the training process often involves a personalised sports performance programme.

Hypnosis can instill mental confidence in place of these negative thoughts, which will allow the mind to remain focused on the challenge ahead.

​Sports men and women often incorporate imagery and mental rehearsal into their practice routines. Used with hypnosis these techniques can be used to maximum effect.

What can I do?

I offer a free initial consultation to discuss the areas of your game that you would like to improve and also to discuss any existing problems that may be preventing you from achieving that ultimate optimum performance. I would advise you on the options available and how the results could be achieved. This may also include teaching you techniques that you would use within your sport.

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